Zuke Hair Fixer Review: Not a good hair fixer for Sikhs

Zuke is a new hair fixer available at some local stores. I bought it from a person who appeared to have received endorsement for it. Or he must be getting better profit than its main competitor – Taft. After using it for a month, I thought it is a good time to write Zuke review so that my Sikh friends can know more about it.

Zuke Hair Fixer review

Priced at 250 rupees, you get 325ml which is 75ml higher than Taft. This means it should last you longer and it did.

But the way both Taft and Zuke work is different. Zuke is totally liquid based so when you use it, you get bursts of liquid. This can be a bit cumbersome since your beard is already wet.

Nevertheless, I made it work by letting it dry for a minute. It got hard quickly but keeping it there in its place is a challenge which makes me not recommend it for those who are in hurry or are newbies.

It is insanely hard, so hard that you’ll have to take some extra time out to remove it. Taft on other hand is removable the moment you apply soap or shampoo in it. For Zuke, I applied my cream soap and let it loosen my hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing it. If you hurry, you can loose a bunch of beard hair which is something you won’t want to happen.

hair fixer for sikhs

On the flip side, this makes Zuke excellent for pool parties and swimming. Taft also does the job well since it holds the hair in place unless soap is applied.

Verdict – As much I want to support this local brand, I can’t. It is simply too dangerous for your hair. Only use it if you want to go bald in your beard area.

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