Where to find TATA 709 1109 1612 TC slack adjuster in India

Slack adjuster is a very important component of a truck or trailer. It is used in almost every truck out there irrespective of manufacturer and so all Tata trucks make use of Tata slack adjusters to offer superior braking experience to its users. Tata makes 709, 1109, 1612 and TC trucks – the last one is also know as 2515 and is most commonly seen in India.


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Tata slack adjusters are currently manufactured by KDST, Haldex and MEI. Some traders opt to import them from China too but as an exporter of truck parts I can tell you the quality is not that good. Unfortunately certain traders and truck drivers do not take the quality into account and buy the cheap Chinese goods. They put their life and lives of people around their truck at risk.

KDST not only produces slack adjusters but also supplies truck and trailer parts in India. Their range is massive and are one of few after market suppliers of MAN truck parts in India and Kktc Fuwa parts and the range includes body and suspension parts.

If you are looking for quality after market truck parts, you should definitely check out KDST’s website. The people there are professional in handling business and you definitely get the items you are yearning for.

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