Toyota Q service Review: Not Very Impressed

I own a Toyota Etios and a Corolla Altis. For the time, I decided to try out the very hyped 1 hour Toyota Q service where Toyota promises to service the entire car in one hour flat. I have already been disappointed by their GALAXY Toyota Moti Nagar service center. You can read Galaxy Toyota service center review here.

toyota q service review

I took appointment for 2:30 pm but reached late as there were no proper directions available for this place. There are no marking for this place (at the time of this post) – 59, Rama Road, New Delhi.

Anyway I arrived at 3pm at the place. Upon arrival I was immediately told that it will take 2 hours to get the service done. I argued that I was promised that the entire service will be done in one hour! Liars.

I got my car after 2.5 hours which is far from the claimed 1 hour Q service. We were told to keep waiting in the AC rooms that were equipped with a TV for entertainment. The room was fairly dark but atleast the air conditioner was working. You’re also served beverages too – tea or coffee – no cold drink to deal with the hot delhi summer.

Nevertheless I got a massive bill of 6500 approx for servicing my Petrol Etios (3rd service with 15500 km onboard). Not expensive but maybe I was expecting way too less.

So the Q service is good but Toyota India is clearly not able to service the car in one hour which kind of bugs me as their loyal customer.

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