T-Mobile Lumia 925 Getting Nokia Black Update

A lot of businessmen on T-Mobile are now switching to the windows phone. One of the most popular windows phones of last year was the Nokia Lumia 925 and that very phone is finally getting the Nokia Black Update. This update will give you.

* Screen orientation lock
* Ability to close apps in the app switcher
* Custom ringtones for messaging and mail
* Nokia camera app now combines Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera
* New apps: Nokia Storyteller (relive imaging experiences) and Nokia Beamer (mobile projector for sharing content from your screen).
* New Nokia Glance screen: See quick status notifications
* Enhanced battery monitoring

via tmonews http://www.tmonews.com/2014/02/nokia-lumia-925-on-tmo-gets-windows-phone-black-update/

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