Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-X1 and FZ-E1 launched in India

Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-X1 and FZ-E1 have been launched in the Indian market. The Panasonic FZ-E1 phone runs Windows 8 Embedded while the FZ-X1 comes preloaded Android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system. Both phones pack identical specs packing 5 inch 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, FDD-LTE / W-CDMA / GSM radios and large battery of 6200 mAh.

Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-X1

The phones have been designed to be used in tough environments. One will be able to use it in rain, wet hands, indoors and outdoors. Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-X1 and FZ-E1 are dust proof as well and can withstand drops too.

Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-X1 is price at 109,000 Indian rupees while the Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-E1 is set to go on sale for 119,000 Indian rupees.

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