Om Parkash Jewels Kapil Vihar is a Spammer

Om Parkash Jewels is a massive spammer who kept spamming the residents of Delhi during the Diwali 2015 season. A lot of shop owners are afraid of big online sellers like, and Flipkart which is why Om Parkash and other jewelers in Delhi have resorted to spamming Delhites with SMS messages.

Om Parkash Jewels Kapil Vihar

Desperate seller Om Parkash Jeweler sent 2-3 messages to all Delhi people for around a week or so. In some messages, the owner mentioned his mobile number (as seen in the screenshot shown above) and in some, landline number.

I have never met anyone at Om Parkash Jeweler and I would never really want to. After all who would want to deal with such spammers. God knows how Mr Om Parkash deals with his customer.

Annoying people by spamming their phones by bucketful of messages is not the best way. This way, Om Parkash Jeweler will loose more than gaining.

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