‘Mobile Friendliness is New Google Search Criteria

Today Google began the “mobilegeddon,” announcing that “mobile friendliness” is now a major criterion and sites that are not mobile-friendly may lose up to 50% of all search traffic. It’s now more important than ever for websites to have fully mobile responsive design and if you’re a blogger, you might want to upgrade your wordpress site to mobile friendly theme so that it does not get penalised with this google update.


Luckily, all Squarespace sites use responsive design to optimize our users’ site display for mobile devices, a feature they have been proud to have since 2012. And with Squarespace 7, they even offer their users the opportunity to preview sites on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens by resizing browser windows in a feature they call Device View.

To further assist mobile-responsiveness, they offer a dedicated help page to “Keeping your Squarespace site mobile-friendly,” full of tips and tricks to ensure that their users’ sites will not fall victim to the mobilegeddon.

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