Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard, Pen Prices in India

Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 4 in India with a starting price tag of INR 73990 for the i3/4GB/128GB unit but many have been mum about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard and pen prices. Keyboard will cost INR 12,490 and pen will retail for INR 5,990 which makes it a pretty expensive buy. By the way, Surface Pro 4 i5/128GB/4GB model will retail for 89,990 rupees and top end i5/256GB/8GB model is priced at 1,20,990 indian rupees.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard, Pen Prices

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has enjoyed handsome sales in India but we do agree the Pro 4 keyboard price is rather too much. I mean, you can get a nice laptop under 15000 in India and that we think Microsoft is overcharging for the keyboard. If you ask me what should be correct price of it, I would not ask for more than 5000-7000 for it. After all, it is a keyboard.

Moreover, the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is on high side already thanks to myriad duties and taxes. It would have made sense to bundle the keyboard for free at that price but looks like Microsoft got a bit too greedy and priced it near 1,00,000 rupees.

No wonder, people did not buy the surface pro 4 at that price and waited for many months for the price to come down. I am not saying Surface Pro 4 is bad laptop. In fact, I have personally recommended it on many of my websites as one of the best laptops you can buy in India but you got to be rich kid to afford one. In USA, you can bag it for under 700 dollars but you have to spend nearly double of that amount to get it here.

At that price, you can get an excellent 15 inch ultrabook laptop if that is what you are into. Or if you are into gaming, you can get not one but 2-3 multimedia laptops and still have money to spare.


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