Microsoft Lumia 540 launched in India

Microsoft has launched the Lumia 540 in India today for INR 10199. This phone main selling point is its great list of features at a cheap price tag. It inherits all the good features of Microsoft Lumia 535 like 5 megapixel front facing camera, removable battery, 1GB RAM and big screen. The Lumia 540 also gives you a better screen with higher resolution, bigger battery and improved camera. This makes it a better device than the currently available Lumia 640 if you love taking selfies.

Microsoft Lumia 540 india

Here is what I find confusing, the Microsoft Lumia 640 has an inferior front-facing camera to the Microsoft Lumia 540 AND the Microsoft Lumia 535, I really want to support Microsoft Mobile Oy by giving them more money, but I simply can’t buy this device over the cheaper Microsoft Lumia 535 if most of my friends are female and selfie-orientated, of-course one might argue that I should buy the superior Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, but the large screen is something most young people around me seem to hate.

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