Matchify review, not really trust worthy

Another day, another money making slash match making portal in India. Meet Matchify which is being promoted heavily by folks at paytm by giving each user free INR 10 (~ $0.16) by downloading and signing up on Matchify using their Android phone. My friend who is still single downloaded it to give it a spin.

The app looks sleek but to use it you must have a Facebook account. Now what has Facebook to do with marriage? Stupid idea.

Shaking his head, he entered his Facebook credentials into this new app, but he still could not sign up for the Matchify service. Reason – he has less than 10 Facebook friends.


Now why on earth would you need more than 10 Facebook friends to find a life partner. The whole idea is flawed and I really hope it flops.

What about those people who do not have a Facebook account? Looks like they do not have any right to get married /s.

Scammers scammers everywhere in India.

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