Man Accidentally Fried His Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Nokia phones have been widely known for being rock solid. They can withstand quite a lot of beating and still survive. A man on reddit posted that while he was cooking, his Nokia Lumia 928 windows phone fell into oil jar and made a big splash. Guess what happened? Here is the full story

Let me preface this story: We all know Nokia phones have always been the toughest phones around. And, as you can tell by my flair, I am the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 928. This morning while cooking breakfast (the usual fair of fried eggs and toast) I was watching/listening to music videos demoing the beta mytube app (which is beautiful by the way, you should totally check it out). Anyways, I had my phone sitting on the right side of the stove on top of the egg carton. This was kinda too close for comfort in relation to the stove top burner, so I moved it. I grabbed the carton of eggs, while my phone was just hitching a ride to the left side of the stove…..then….it happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I witnessed my phone slide off the egg carton, right into the hot oil. It fell screen up and made a nice splash into the oil causing oil to splatter everywhere. through the oil I could still see the phone was still just playing the music video for “F**k You” by Cee-lo Green. I quickly sat down the eggs, and (naturally) my first reaction was to grab it out. Although this wasn’t the smartest idea, the oil hadn’t reached the high optimal temperature for cooking eggs, so it didn’t scald me too badly. I shut the phone off whilst grabbing paper towels to dry it with. I left if off and wrapped in paper towels for the remainder of breakfast, and then attempted to turn it on. It booted right up, no problems. I just thought you guys might enjoy this story, and you can share your stories about phone abuse as well!

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