Listen to Kirtan from Darbar Sahib Online and Other Gurudwaras

If you travel a lot like me, then you will have tough luck finding time to sit in front of television to watch kirtan from Amritsar, Bangla Sahib, Anandpur Sahib gurudwaras and so on. That is why we sikhs need websites that provides easy interface to let listen to kirtan online easily.

Kirtan from Darbar Sahib

While there are official websites of respective gurudwaras, there is not a single website, until now, that provides an easy to use UI to allow the Sikh sangat to listen to live stream from darbar sahib Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib or from Anandpur Sahib. This very portal we are talking is that allows one to listen to kirtan online.

For instance they have a dedicated page for listening to live kirtan from darbar sahib a k a Amritsar Golden Temple a k a Harmandir Sahib. The website is mobile friendly but if you own a windows phone, then I suggest downloading the app that I made a while back. It works fantastically and I maintain and update on a regular basis.

On their live golden temple page, you will list of the ragis as well that includes the time table of holy people that sing hymns at the site. The quality of the Amritsar stream is better despite the fact that only 32kbps option is made available. There is a 16 Kbps option but that is available only via my application as most of us have faster connections on our laptops and desktops.

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