LG Celebrates World Water Day with New Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier

LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durables brand, announced its new range of complete water solutions, on the eve of World Water Day. The new range with a room temperature water feature is India’s first stainless steel RO Water Purifier, which comes with a separate sealed stainless steel tank for purified water preservation.
The new RO Water Purifier range is designed with an eight stage purification process that prevents bacteria in the stainless steel tank. UV Circular Sterilizer™ and separate silicon sealed water tank prevents reformation of germs and ensure hygienic water storage. With an extensive feature like Electrolysis Sterilizing Care™, the purifier gives eco- friendly, non-manual, hassle free & automatic method of maintenance.
Commenting on LG’s initiative for safe drinking water, Mr. Rajeev Jain, Sales Head, Home Appliances, LG India said; “On the occasion of World Water Day, we are delighted to be a part of the progress towards total health solutions of Indian consumers. Water is an essential part of our lives and it is important that safe drinking water is available for everyone. Always at the forefront in providing benefits to our consumers, our innovative technology ensures hygienic and safe drinking water.”
He further added; “We are confident that this new range will satisfy Indian consumers. Water Purifier is an addition to the kitchens of the health-conscious Indian homes.”
About the RO Water Purifier:
Specially designed to ensure superlative purification, LG’s Total Water Solution follows an eight stage purification process including RO five stage filtration which offers pure drinking water. Stainless Steel Water Tank & separate silicon sealed tank cover provides hygienic preservation of purified water. UV Circular Sterilizer™ circulates purified water in every 6 hours for 30 mins to avoid reformation of bacteria in stored water and sterilizes up to 99.9% of bacteria and virus. 2-in-1 Care™ provides not only drinking water but also fruit & vegetable cleaning water for convenience. The elegant design & floral pattern matches with other home appliances and enhances the beauty of the kitchen.
LG water purifier has come up with totally automatic & innovative maintenance method. Electrolysis Sterilizing Care™ is an eco-friendly maintenance solution with LG’s unique sterilization kit to clean and enhance hygiene of product inside.
LG’s RO Water Purifier combines technological innovations to go beyond traditional purity. This smart range with hot, cold and normal water dispensing functions also include consumer friendly features like filter change indicator and a smart lighting feature indicating water purity.
The LG RO Water Purifier is available in the Indian market in six variants at a price range of: Rs 22990- 44290/-

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