Kriti DS makeovers: Kriti DS loves black money: just like any other beauty parlor in Delhi

It is sad that even popular beauty parlour saloons in Delhi like Kriti DS makeovers love taking money in cash only and do not accept credit or debit cards. The reason behind this ‘thing’ by Kriti DS is simple – do not show this money to government, thus not paying any tax. After end of every financial year, most of these beauty parlours just make few make bills and pay lowest possible tax. Kriti DS facebook is quite popular and does not look like she cannot pay adequate taxes.

Kriti DS review, beauty partlour in north new delhi

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Kriti DS beauty parlour is quite popular in new Delhi but sadly is not accepting bank credit cards or debit cards and I have heard this from myriad readers who are annoyed by this move.

I request all to avoid to Kriti DS so that beauty parlours accepting credit cards and debit cards are able to flourish better – paying government the taxes they need to make Delhi a better place.

When a girl enters a beauty parlor, her mind and body is excited and is looking forward to get adorned in every way. She should not be forced to pay just using cash, like what Kriti DS makeovers aims for. I really wish Mr Arvind Kejriwal would crack down on such people in order to reduce generation of black money in Delhi. I had heard good things about this beauty parlor of Delhi but too bad, she and her staff are doing their best to hide as much money as they can from government.

I personally think there should be a way to punish businesses like Kriti DS saloon who are operating on such grounds. Sadly with poor Delhi government who just punishes the honest man, do not want to destroy their vote bank – allowing them to do whatever they want.

Instead, government likes to punish those who are paying good taxes – at least that is what I heard from my business friends who often get notices to pay more tax even after paying handsome tax money.

Note: This was brought to attention to me from a certain group of people who have been to Kriti DS makeovers and faced this issue. Her staff always insisted that their credit card machine is faulty. This apparently has never been repaired which is funny as Kriti DS makeup charges are sky high as told by people who visited her salon.

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