Gatimaan Express Review: 12049, 12050 train review – Gatimaan Express timings: Gatimaan Express platform number

Gatimaan Express is the fastest train in India right now that runs between New Delhi and Agra Cantt. In this Gatimaan Express review, we will see what is the experience in travelling in it along with what food is served and how comfortable was our journey.

Gatimaan Express review
Gatimaan Express on its arrival in Agra Cantt – NZM to AGC

The total distance travelled between Agra and Delhi is 188 kilometers and it takes mere 1 hour 40 minutes that is 100 minutes. The train travels daily except Friday which is when Taj Mahal remains closed. Train numbers of Gatimaan Express are 12049 and 12050.

Gatimaan Express review video

Gatimaan Express is now the tourist’s favorite way of going to Agra now. Same applies for upper medium and elite people. The price of this train about ~ INR 250 higher than Bhopal Shatabdi which is also a very popular train but is it worth it? Let us see.

The main reason why Gatimaan Express is gaining popularity is that it does not stop at any station so your journey is not disturbed by any new passengers. It looks prettier too, as if it just got out of a beauty parlor.

Second thing is the quality of food, especially during day time is excellent. Here is what I got: Water bottle > Juice > breakfast > Tea.

Gatimaan Express review
This is what is served in morning in Gatimaan express

Gatimaan Express timing: To catch Bhopal Shatabadi, one had to get up at 4 am in the morning to catch the train at 6 am, the Gatimaan Express departures at 8:10 am which is obviously much more convenient.

Gatimaan Express platform number: The only thing not to like about the Gatimaan Express is the station from which it departures which is Hazrat Nizamudin. I wish it was New Delhi Railway Station. The train departures from platform number 5 in Delhi compared to Bhopal Shatabdi which come at platform number 1. This is a bit of inconvenience for the price that we are paying. From where I live in Delhi, the NDLS is closer and NZM station is about 10 km farther.

So is the extra price worth it? Yes, definitely but if you are tight on budget or travel with lot of family members, then the extra cost starts hurting a bit.

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