Galaxy Toyota Moti Nagar Service Center Review and Experience

My family and friends know that I have never said a single negative thing about anything when it comes to Toyota but my experience this time (July 30 2014) was downright horrible.

I reached the Galaxy Toyota Moti Nagar service station in the evening. Usually I am treated very nicely by the staff but this time there was no one to attend me except one person.

Galaxy Toyota Moti Nagar Service Center Review

His name is Daljeet and so I approached him. He said he has been given orders from the head (Deenbandhu) to not take any cars after 1400h. I said since I wasn’t aware of it, they will have to accept my Toyota vehicle.

Daljeet bluntly refused he cannot do anything about it and got himself busy with WhatsApp on his phone.

Then I approached this lady, Monica who is their receptionist. She said that is not I should be treated and gave me the claim form. This was the first I was told to fill the entire form. She was kind enough to do the photocopy of my driving license and RC both of which are necessary for filing the claim.

After that I was required to get them to do the inspection of my Toyota Etios car but there was no one to attend me.

I went into the cabin of the head, MR. Deenbandhu. There I was told by Mamta that I cannot meet Deenbandhu.

I told her to call him but was given a cold shoulder that they have his phone with them and he is in meeting.

I was never contacted by Deenbandhu. I may be wrong but I fathom he never asks about any claims filed there.

I went back to my car, disgusted and disappointed. This is not the “Q-service” I expected. I then started dialing few of their customer care numbers and told them the great treatment I was receiving today. Within the next 30 seconds, I got a call from Mamta who had refused to help me earlier and assured that they will be accepting my today itself.

To my surprise there were two cars that had queued up.  They had told me they would not be accepting cars! How the he## were they allowed to enter? Something was cooking. I asked the guards outside but they were clueless too.


Then I was appointed this guy Mr. Anil Sharma and was ordered to take my car inside their premises.

Here is what I loved about him.

1) Never updated me about the status.

2) He is extremely lazy. It took him 3 days to get the work started. Usually it takes just a day.

3) Again not a single call from his side. Every time I had to call him. To my bad luck he was using some crap phone and could not understand a thing he used to say. So I always used to end up calling their landline.

Mamta, the lady who is handles customer care there sent me an email apologizing about what all had happened with me that day. Here is the screenshot of the email. I also got a call from here the minute later and assured me the best of services. This same lady did not even want to attend me on the first day!

mamta email

Anil told me that the car would be ready by afternoon, Tuesday, August 5. I asked him if he had filed D.O (delivery order). He said he is going to do that that moment itself. I told him to call me after he does that as it normally takes at most 1.5 hours to get it. He insisted that I should come tomorrow morning.

Turns out he lied and had not filed for delivery order. I didn’t go in the morning because I was waiting for a call from him. Then in afternoon I got a call that Ifco Tokio guys are taking a long time to send them the D.O. Instead Anil told me to call D.O guy – something a customer should never have to do.

So there was I – begging before Mr Bajaj, the D.O guy to issue me the D.O. He said he has received the request for it just 15 minutes back from Mr Anil.

I was shell shocked once again! Anil had lied to me again. I spoke to him and he assured that it will take around an hour to get the D.O

Dismayed and utterly dissatisfied, I decided to go to Toyota shop to get the car, hoping he must have got the D.O

I was sitting there, waiting for my car patiently. I told myself not to get angry. After 30 minutes of waiting there alone, I was attended by Mr Vishal Chodhary who also works at Toyota’s Moti nagar service center. He told me that while the car is ready, paint was not properly done to bumper of the car.

I said you guys took 7 days and still could not get the job done correctly? I had previously told my wife to get ready as we had planned out an outing.

Vishal told Anil in front of me to call me in morning and promised that all work will be done by 1300h. Anil never called so I called Vishal directly. He sounded surprised that Anil hadn’t call me.

Then I got a call from them and I went to the service center to get the car. Before meeting them I straight away went to see the car which was already parked for me. To my shock I noticed that left side of the front bumper is misaligned. A worker by the name of “Sachin Bhati” helped me to get it in its place. God bless him.

It was obvious that the car had stuck some other car / solid object from front, causing the front bumper to come out. It went inside but made it scratch. I immediately took a picture of it.

Galaxy Toyota Moti Nagar Service Center Review

I was feeling terrible and unlucky at the same time. Why did I buy a Toyota?! This is not what should happen to customers who spend almost 7 lacks on a car from the world’s most reputed car manufacture – Toyota.

On the other hand I was happy to get my hands on the car. So I paid the money, got the receipt and went away.

TLDR; (summary)

* The staff was extremely unfriendly except Monica, the receptionist. Sachin Bhatti is a great guy – the most knowledgeable person there.

* Mamta, the customer car person is a very uncourteous lady. She has one job – to not pis# off customers but she is excellent in doing that.

* Now that their old staff is gone, the new people are doing a great job in ruining Toyota’s reputation.

* Mr Deenbandhu, the head, does not care what all is happening under his nose.

* Q service is a myth. It does not exists at Toyota Moti Nagar service station.

Claim No. : CLM91255666/098992 Policy No : TIT/91255666 Customer Name : Mr. KAMALDEEP SINGH

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