Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer Explained: What do Flipkart delivery boys look for in Flipkart exchange offer

Flipkart mobile exchange offer is explained in this article. I normally use OLX for getting better value from my old tech gadgets but went for Flipkart mobile exchange offer just to see how it goes and what do Flipkart delivery boys look for when exchanging old phone for a new phone, while adding some money, of course.

Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer

For whom it is good for?

Flipkart gave me mere INR 2500 for my three year old Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone which I had once bought for 36,000 rupees. I saw the very model going for as much as 5500 on OLX.in but since the phone I was getting, Samsung Galaxy On7 android phone was already so cheap, INR 9900, I thought why not just go for their Flipkart mobile exchange offer.

So, I entered my phone and IMEI details and my net payable amount came down from 9900 to 7350. Nice!

What do the Flipkart delivery boys look for?

I had a quick glance over the document on which they made me sign. They check for these things:

First – check the IMEI number
Second – Check the brand and make sure it matches their records.
Third – Check if the mobile stays on without charger for 30 seconds
Fourth – check if the mobile screen is not broken
Fifth – Dial *#06# and check IMEI number

Then, the Flipkart field executive aka delivery boy will make you sign a document as you hand over the old phone and take the new, shiny phone from him.

You do not need to give any accessories but they do appreciate if you give them the original box back. But even that is optional – you can give them any small box if you have misplaced or lost the original box. The whole process took like 5 minutes. Just make sure you have backed up data on your phone and have hard reset it.

Apple iPhone (check my experience of buying iPhone from eBay.in) and android users – make sure you remove all the accounts before doing hard reset. They would not take phones that are iCloud-locked or android-locked.

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