Finding the best Fuwa trailer axle part manufacture in India

Suddenly there is an increase of truck manufactures equipping their vehicles with trailers. Some companies are importing axles from China while some are procuring them from India. But which one is the best trailer axle part manufacture in India?

To start with there is York which is currently owned by Tata that is the biggest manufacture and vendor of trucks in India. They used to use Meritor axles in their trailers but I have come to know that they have also started to use YTE ones as well. YTE is a pretty amazing company which has its roots in Europe.

Fuwa brand is a well known trailer brand of China. It is being sold under KKTC brand in India and its parts are being distributed by Fuwa parts India that supplies axle, suspension and fifth wheel parts to various trailer part vendors in the country. 

You can contact Mr Gurmeet Singh at 09811786344 who the sales manager of KDST.

The Fuwa trailers in India have become very popular lately as they are cheap to repair and maintain. While the parts availability is so-so, does seem to maintain adequate stocks of important spare parts so that the end customer does not face inconvenience.  It is a part of FIEO and DCC as well which instills confidence in the mind the customer. 

Finding the best Fuwa trailer axle part manufacture in India

The container-trailer design is very popular which consists of a large vehicle that has trailer attached. Such design comes in two sizes 20ft and 40ft with the former being more popular. You can get in touch with KKTC India here where you can procure axle parts as well as turn table components like fifth wheel and handle lock plate.

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