eBay India asking VAT and TIN to all sellers. 24 hour deadline

Earlier this day, eBay India aka eBay.in sent notices via email to all of its sellers to share their VAT aka value added tax or tax identification number along with PAN card details with them. The dead line to do all this is freaking 24 hours and if the seller does not input all that on their site along with original scanned copies, all of your outstanding payments will freeze.


My opinion on this is that it is being done as most of the people who sell on eBay do not pay taxes and eBay India does not help them in paying taxes on their behalf like Amazon India does. Second, eBay India is the only online retailer in India that has allowed sellers to sell imported goods like cell phones and televisions – all without bill that too under the nose of our honorable prime minister, Narendra Modi and their BJP government.

I personally feel this is a great way to clean the Indian ecommerce business and a lot of sellers were getting away from paying taxes to Indian government by using eBay India as their shield. Now that shield is ordered by Indian government to ask all sellers to provide their details within one day, it is sending these emails. These are he content of the email sent to one of our readers.

Dear Seller,

We request to please provide your valid Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Value Added Tax (VAT) or Tax Identification Number (TIN) for your eBay User IDmakeforindia in order to comply with the law. Kindly follow the below steps:

1.      Click below URL and log-in with your eBay user id and password
2.      Input your valid PAN and VAT / TIN and upload scan of PAN and VAT/TIN document


You may kindly note that if you fail to submit the valid PAN and VAT/ TIN of aforementioned User Id before July 25, 2016 End of Day, your remittance under PaisaPay Payment facility will be kept on hold.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy selling on www.ebay.in

Team eBay

I am expecting same thing to other online shopping sites in India such as shop clues who allow sellers to sell goods without providing VAT / TIN / PAN.

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