Computer Memory Specialists Urge Users to Back It Up

After a recent survey revealed that 54% of people have either lost important files saved to their computer, or know someone else who has, computer memory specialists Data Memory Systems are issuing a rallying cry to everyone in the US that uses a computer on a regular basis. Whether they are simply checking their emails and their social media accounts, or using their computer to work on extensive files full of important data, a full, regular back-up is crucial in the advent of an error or a crash, which could wipe it all in one go.

72% of people stated that their most valuable digital files were in the form of photos and videos; rather than print out camera films and negatives, many memories of special events, children, friends and family are stored on hard drives. For those who want to hang onto these photos, a regular back-up is essential. 35% of people said that school work and other projects were their most prized digital files; imagine working on a thesis for months, only to find it wiped from the memory as a result of a system error, with no back-up to rely on?

Justin Briere, of Data Memory Systems, says, “90% of US adults feel their digital data is valuable to them, but only 10% of people surveyed back-up on a daily basis. 25% never back up at all! This is a staggering disparity, and there are potentially millions of people who could lose their data at any second if their computer were to experience a fatal error. Whether they opt for a USB drive, an external hard drive or some other form of back-up, we are encouraging all computer users to back up their content on a regular basis, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, and to keep their back-up secure and separate from their regular computer.”

External hard drives are the most popular back-up method, with 27% of US adults choosing to utilize them to store their precious content. 18% of people opt for flash drives, which are versatile and portable and can have a high enough capacity to store everything from vast music libraries and photo galleries to extensive archives of documents. CDs and DVDs are used by 9% of people, and the emergence of cloud data storage is set to soar in the next few years, making back-ups even more secure and easy to carry out.

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