Meet ChennaiBizBook: Local business directory of Chennai

There are thousands of business directories in India but most of them are poorly designed and not well maintained by the owners. However, there are few high quality ones out there and one of them is the chennaibizbook which is a comprehensive local business directory of Chennai.


There are three ways one can get their business listed on ChennaiBizBook, free, premium and premium plus. Free, as the name suggests gives you a free listing on the business directory but you will miss verified certificate, online chat, photo gallery and presence on related listing. You will also miss the ability to add videos and check performance of your listing.

All this can be gained by enrolling for premium listing. The only difference between premium and premium plus is online chat and ‘show on related listing’ feature which are an absolute much have if you are serious about your business. Right now, you can only subscribe for monthly paid listing but the founders of site have keep interest in launching long period subscriptions in near future.

This business directory is well categorized in myriad categories like technology, agriculture, education, gift shops and so on.

Android and iOS applications are in the tunnel as well but until then, you can simply open their website on your phone and start searching for local businesses in Chennai now. The website is mobile friendly and looks amazing on our iPad, iPhone and android phone.

ChennaiBizBook review

Folks at Chennai Biz Book claim that they know the Chennai like no one else and we believe them. The site has extensive listing anything and everything – from car dealers to builders to even accountants.

Their smart search engine will allow you to find any local business or service in couple of seconds. Their website is a guide of the visitors from Chennai and partner of the business houses.

By enrolling for your business on their website, your business will gain the much needed exposure, web traffic and prominence.

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