Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil demolished: Sikhs angered

It is a sad day for Sikhs as MCD Delhi demolished Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil today. Many sikhs were beaten up by the Delhi police who protested this shameful act. MCD says they acted on the complaint done by Mohan Bhargav who is currently the local market committee president.

A bulldozer was called to demolish the Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil earlier this morning and sikh sangat came to know about this immediately and raised objections and this let to police action.

Sikhs have shown immense anger against the DSGMC (delhi sikh gurdwara management committee) who later visited the place. On the bright side, a temporary structure has been rebuilt on same place.

Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil demolished

Sikhs are not earning a penny by the Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil and they are just serving water to thousands of people visiting this holy place everyday. It is sad that the police assaulted these people and beaten them up badly. Well, the sangat has rebuild the chhabil to troll the police and MCD. I am pretty sure sikhs are all set to combat police tomorrow.

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