‘Mobile Friendliness is New Google Search Criteria

Today Google began the “mobilegeddon,” announcing that “mobile friendliness” is now a major criterion and sites that are not mobile-friendly may lose up to 50% of all search traffic. It’s now more important than ever for websites sold to

This is huge. has acquired Here is the news bit I just received. It is my pleasure to announce that SnapNames has been acquired by (Nasdaq: WWWW) from KeyDrive S.A. is a leading

Backlink Relevancy, SEO and Search Quality

Matt Cutts has released a video where he says that “Backlink Relevancy Is A Big Win In Terms Of Search Quality”. So make sure you get links from relevant sites only. Question: Hi Matt, does the big

Some Amazing WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Here is a collection of some really amazing wordpress themes for your blog. 1. WebJournal If you post a lot and get a lot of visitors on your site, try installing this theme on your website and