Press releases

ICICI Payback Program closing down: Closure of MySavings Rewards

ICICI has sent an email to all of its saving bank account users that it will be doing away with its Payback program by the end of this month. I personally saw this coming as the company

SIM Swap Fraud rampant in India: What is SIM Swap Fraud? – Prevent SIM Swap Fraud

The good folks at ICICI are sending emails to their consumers making them more aware of the rampant SIM swap frauds which has become increasingly more popular due demonetization. What is SIM Swap fraud? SIM-Swap involves a

No more printed ICICI Credit Card Statements

So I received this email from ICICI where they said they will no longer be sending us printed ICICI credit card statements. I personally think it is lame that they don’t want to send a single page

Office 2016 Single User, Student Price, Subscription and Operating system requirements

Microsoft released Office 2016 today and revealed its prices and operating system requirements. To run any Microsoft Office 2016 app on your computer, you will need minimum of Windows 7 or later. So all the Windows Vista

Computer Memory Specialists Urge Users to Back It Up

After a recent survey revealed that 54% of people have either lost important files saved to their computer, or know someone else who has, computer memory specialists Data Memory Systems are issuing a rallying cry to everyone

LG Celebrates World Water Day with New Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier

LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durables brand, announced its new range of complete water solutions, on the eve of World Water Day. The new range with a room temperature water feature is India’s first stainless steel RO

COGITO CLASSIC Connected Watch Unites Craftsmanship and Connectivity

CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd, a world-leading maker of fashionable connected watches and the creator of the ‘connected complication’, will showcase its new COGITO brand at BASELWORLD from March 27 to April 3, 2014 (Hall 4.0, Booth D02). COGITO unites

Lightricks Launches Facetune Future Feature Contest

Lightricks Ltd., a leader in high-end image processing applications, today announced that fans of its best-selling iOS app, Facetune, will have the chance to submit ideas and vote on the app’s newest editing feature. The top three


Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long-range wireless solutions for the home and office, today announced the availability of its REC15A High Power Compact 802.11ac Wi-Fi Range Extender. The discreet, wall-plug unit extends the signal

Meet the PebbleBee!

This small round and thin device can be placed on any mobile item with a hook, key ring, stick or the PebbleBee’s adhesive back!  The PebbleBee can assist in locating lost items (with attached Bee), monitor tracking,