How to eradicate black money from India

The BJP government is doing a fine job in eradicating black money from India. That being said, it can definitely do better. Here are some of the ideas  that came to my mind and some which I

eBay India asking VAT and TIN to all sellers. 24 hour deadline

Earlier this day, eBay India aka eBay.in sent notices via email to all of its sellers to share their VAT aka value added tax or tax identification number along with PAN card details with them. The dead

Arvind Kejriwal Spamming everyone Via +911409500270 to vote for them against BJP

Earlier today me and my family members started getting calls from +911409500270 where Arvind Kejriwal’s recorded voice started saying something against BJP party which is the current governing body of nation. We all started getting irritated as

SUV Diesel Price Subsidy to go away

The BJP government has announced that it will stop giving subsidy to the diesel SUV owners. The Oil and Petroleum Ministry is outlining a dual pricing system of diesel for consumers and farmers. The diesel will be