Buying iPhone from eBay India: Why you should not buy iPhone from eBay

I did the mistake of buying an iPhone 6 from eBay India and it took me over thirty days with over 120 phone calls and 100 plus emails to get my refund. The problem was I did not get the iPhone in the box but a cheap Sony Xperia E2 phone. The seller who was the culprit had deliberately sent me a different phone and actually wanted to use abuse the eBay seller protection to get money from eBay. For those who do not know how the seller protection works, it goes like this – even if the buyer wins the case, the seller is refunded with the amount and in my case, the seller abused it.

ebay india fraud

He sent me a different phone and told eBay India that he had sent me the right one. This was proven wrong as multiple buyers had complained eBay India with him sending them second hand phones; different phones or no phone at all. See the following screenshot for details.

ebay india iphone

Ebay India took more than 20 days just to get the resolution started. Later I was told there was a problem with their software which is why they did not contact me earlier. I told them I had bought the phone off EMI but the lady handling my case was super rude and told me she cannot help me with that. I had no option to pay the first EMI.

Imagine paying EMI for something you don’t even own.

After this I had lost all hopes. On an average I was spending more than 2 hours on phone with their customer care representatives. The problem here was the customer care reps had no access to contact the folks at claim department.

After around 29 days of filing claim, I sent them an email where I said I will be going to consumer court in couple of days and voila, the money was refunded to my credit card. I was also told it took them so much time because the invoice amount was large. I sent the phone back to the seller and I was given a coupon code as reimbursement of courier money.

iphone from ebay india

Bottom line: Do not buy anything more than thousand rupees on eBay. If you do, it will take them 30-40 days to get the case resolved. In worse cases, it will be left unresolved and you would have paid money for something you don’t even own.

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