Build your own custom Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker

Motorola has launched an online application called Moto Maker that allows you to customize the features and design of your smartwatch before placing an order. To make one, just go to Moto 360 web page and start building your watch by choosing finish of the case, band and so on.

This clearly shows that Apple is not the only company that is treating the smartwatches as fashion accessory. That said even the top model of Moto 360 watch costs far less than what Apple Watch retails for.

moto 360 watch maker

Also you need to add only 30 dollars for the gold option. If you prefer metal watches, like me (I own a Rado Diastar Original), you will have to cough another 50 dollars for it. Still mighty cheap than expensive Apple Watch.

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