Billdesk Payment Reversal Time Period

If you recently bought something that makes use Billdesk payment gateway, you might be thinking where did the money went and how many days will it take Billdesk to return the payment back to your original mode of payment. I bought something on eBay and used ICICI netbanking to make the payment.

billdesk payment reversal

Everything went well but due to some server error on their end, the payment failed. The amount was debited from my account as shown earlier (June 9 2017). I was perplexed. I called Ebay and asked them if they had received the payment. They said the payment failed and you will get my money back. They said it can take 3-5 days after their Paisapay people reverse the payment.

So I emailed Billdesk’s support – yes, they have a support email address – and gave them my payment details. A couple of days back, I received a reply from them where they said that the payment failed and they will be refunding me the money soon. It took them 3 additional days to send money back to my ICICI account. If you made the payment using netbanking of Sarkari bank, it can take whopping 15 days. So do not use State Bank Account to do any purchases online.

Anyway, as you can see in screenshot above, it took me 5 days to get my money back. I wish they could refund faster, especially when they know the payment failed.

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