B-Linkt manages and updates user’s personal contact information on all online accounts in one easy step.

B-Linkt, a company dedicated to linking an individual’s personal contact information to many online accounts, has launched its first crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

E-commerce in the United States has grown by 400% in the last decade and as technology improves, this trend will continue to grow dramatically. Users will rely more heavily on online accounts where they will need to input their personal contact information manually. Unfortunately, no system has been developed to effectively manage and synchronize personal contact information data so that it can be replicated throughout the Internet. As more processes and technology are developed, the current situation of manually updating personal contact information will become more of a burden. B-Linkt provides the technology to lessen the burden and become the standard for maintaining personal contact information. Chad Oxenreider, founder of B-linkt, came up with the concept after having to move four times over a short period of time, “During this period of my life I spent over 40 hours updating all of my personal information in over a 100 different online accounts. This was a tedious task and an incredible waste of time. There had to be an easier and more efficient way to achieve this and B-Linkt was the solution.”

B-linkt offers a convenient way to manage and update personal contact information. Military people, college students, or anyone who needs to change their contact information often will save hours of precious time by using B-Linkt.

When you join B-Linkt, you create an account where you input your address, email, phone number, etc. If B-Linkt API is integrated into another website, your personal contact data can easily be pulled into that website’s database and be used for registration, check-out, account profile set-up and more by just clicking on a button and entering your B-Linkt credentials. The user can decide which information they wish to add and share with the particular site they are visiting. The technology used will be flexible during the integration process in accordance with the unique requirements for each site.

In the case that any of your personal contact information was to change, all the user would have to do is log into their B-Linkt account and update their information. B-Linkt will automatically update all of the online accounts that use that information. B-Linkt offers a unique and laborsaving way to manage, organize and update your personal information without sacrificing your privacy.

B-Linkt’s Indiegogo campaign supporters will have access to the website where they will be able to sign up, provide feedback and be the first to test-drive the site before the general public. Other interesting perks include the opportunity to work and have contact with the team of expert developers of B-Linkt. The Indiegogo campaign will run until the 30th of April and has a funding goal of $30,000.


B-Linkt.com was created to change the way contact information is managed. We wanted to develop a more efficient process to update information that is manually replicated on many different websites. We also wanted to make businesses more productive by allowing account holders to provide contact information faster and help keep the information up-to-date.

Chad Oxenreider, CEO of B-Linkt, has a B.S. in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology from Pennsylvania State University. He also has an MBA from the University of

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