ANS / NEO is scam – Do not invest in Ant Shares crypto currency

ANS / NEO is a scam crypto currency and no one should invest in it. While on paper, Ant Shares has lot of amazing plans but there are no plans to write code for it. There is no mention of quantum proof in their technical documents and they even say that they will be implementing MSIL in their blockchain for C#. However, there is no word on how that will be done. ANS’s whitepapers have no mention of sharding but they say that ant shares have it. If I was investing in crypto currency, I would be investment in a legit project, not a scam project like ANS / NEO.


Some are saying that ANS is Chinese ethereum. I would not even want to comment on that.

Also, while having government support is a good thing, but what if that government is People’s Republic of China. Out of all of them, the last thing you would want is People’s Republic of China behind your crypto currency’s portfolio.

Just look at the fiscal control People’s Republic of China has on its citizens. As cryptocoindaddy says Crypto is supposed to be free from control. Government in China is extremely strict on laws.

“NEO is quantum proof”  – not implemented yet

“You can use almost any programming language to program NEO’s smart contracts” – not implemented yet

“NEO has implemented sharding and concurrency to solve its scaling issues.” – not implemented yet

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