kamal deep singhI am Kamaldeep Singh and I love technology so much that I have it my part time job (not exactly part time as I own more than 44 websites). I speak and wite about anything and everything related to technology, be a tablet, computer, laptop or an ereader – basically anything that impact our daily lives.

I own KDS Tech Network (100% of it) and which also has 4 truck parts websites, bringing total number of websites to 48 (!). I often get invited to speak on tech events, so I might be there at your favorite technology launch event.

Before that all, I helped build GadgetMix and a leading iPad website – cannot name it as its current owner might get offended by its mention here. Gadgetmix has been featured on techmeme as well.

Before starting the biggest technology network, I completed my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Applications.

Most of the time, I am busy with my Truck Parts Export Business and my team of trusted friends handle and post content on my websites.

Get in touch with me by sending an email to kdskamal@live.com
Make sure to use proper subject while contacting me.