Billdesk Payment Reversal Time Period

If you recently bought something that makes use Billdesk payment gateway, you might be thinking where did the money went and how many days will it take Billdesk to return the payment back to your original mode

Zuke Hair Fixer Review: Not a good hair fixer for Sikhs

Zuke is a new hair fixer available at some local stores. I bought it from a person who appeared to have received endorsement for it. Or he must be getting better profit than its main competitor –

OLA Money Bank Transfer charges: TLDR – Do not use OLA money for transferring money to bank

OLA Money is powered by zip cash and OLA money bank transfer charges are same as what are charged by folks at zip cash. Until January 2017, there were no charges upto 1000 rupees and people have

How to eradicate black money from India

The BJP government is doing a fine job in eradicating black money from India. That being said, it can definitely do better. Here are some of the ideas  that came to my mind and some which I

ICICI Payback Program closing down: Closure of MySavings Rewards

ICICI has sent an email to all of its saving bank account users that it will be doing away with its Payback program by the end of this month. I personally saw this coming as the company

Cheap laptop for multimedia in India in 2016 – best budget multimedia laptop in India

A lot of us Indians want the cheapest laptop for multimedia as we like to watch a lot of movies on our computers and for that we require a laptop with certain specifications that will give us

Best cheap i3 laptop in India in 2016: Best cheap laptop with i3 4GB 500GB under 25000

Top cheap i3 laptops in India in 2016 Let a computer expert find you the best and cheapest laptop with i3 laptop in India in 2016. I am a computer expert and own more than 20 laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard, Pen Prices in India

Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 4 in India with a starting price tag of INR 73990 for the i3/4GB/128GB unit but many have been mum about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard and pen prices. Keyboard will cost

SIM Swap Fraud rampant in India: What is SIM Swap Fraud? – Prevent SIM Swap Fraud

The good folks at ICICI are sending emails to their consumers making them more aware of the rampant SIM swap frauds which has become increasingly more popular due demonetization. What is SIM Swap fraud? SIM-Swap involves a

eBay India asking VAT and TIN to all sellers. 24 hour deadline

Earlier this day, eBay India aka sent notices via email to all of its sellers to share their VAT aka value added tax or tax identification number along with PAN card details with them. The dead