Microsoft Store Threshold for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone

We have a complete list of minimum amount that is threshold that you must cross before payment is sent to you. The payment is about 50 united states dollars or equivalent for almost all countries. Make sure

Cheapest laptop for multimedia in India in 2016 – best multimedia laptop in India

A lot of us Indians want the cheapest laptop for multimedia as we like to watch a lot of movies on our computers and for that we require a laptop with certain specifications that will give us

Templatic WordPress Theme Hacked: Hacker demanding money

Just received an email telling its users that the Templatic which is a wordpress theme site has been hacked. I used to own quite a lot of Templatic themes before I moved to mythemeshop wordpress themes as

Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil demolished: Sikhs angered

It is a sad day for Sikhs as MCD Delhi demolished Chandni Chowk Mati Dass Chhabil today. Many sikhs were beaten up by the Delhi police who protested this shameful act. MCD says they acted on the

No more printed ICICI Credit Card Statements

So I received this email from ICICI where they said they will no longer be sending us printed ICICI credit card statements. I personally think it is lame that they don’t want to send a single page

Uniconnect India Promo Codes for March 2016: Uniconnect SIM reviews

An anonymous tipster leaked us the entire list of promo codes that you can use on Uniconnect’s website. This will give you a decent discount on all purchases you make in the March 2016 month. We have

Buying iPhone from eBay India: Why you should not buy iPhone from eBay

I did the mistake of buying an iPhone 6 from eBay India and it took me over thirty days with over 120 phone calls and 100 plus emails to get my refund. The problem was I did

Cheapest i3 laptop in India in 2016: Best cheap laptop with i3 4GB 500GB under 25000

Top Intel Core i3 laptops in India in 2016 Let a computer expert find you the best and cheapest laptop with i3 laptop in India in 2016. I am a computer expert and own more than 20

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard, Pen Prices in India

Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 4 in India with a starting price tag of INR 73990 for the i3/4GB/128GB unit but many have been mum about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard and pen prices. More information

Kriti DS loves black money: just like any other beauty parlor in Delhi

It is sad that even popular beauty parlour saloons like Kriti DS in Delhi love taking money in cash only and do not accept credit or debit cards. The reason behind this is simple – do not